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Methods used in Deep Learning

Interest in machine learning from year to year is increasing, and exploded about a decade ago. […]

How the development of artificial intelligence affects SEO

A lot has changed in positioning in recent years. Frequent changes to the algorithm are not […]

Real-time cancer detection with the use of Google Machine Learning.

Machine learning can potentially contribute to technological development in innumerable fields, and the Alphabet X department […]

9 tools that will make Link Building easier

Link building is one of the most time-consuming tasks the positioner is facing. Finding the first […]

How to customize your WooCommerce store to GDPR.

As everyone knows, the deadline for implementing the GDPR was May 25, 2018. Since then, all […]

Crowdsourcing. How can the wisdom of the crowd help your business?

Over the past few years, crowdsourcing has become a tool for accessing insights, developing innovation and […]

The impact of HTTPS protocol on SEO

Not so long ago, Google announced that switching the site to HTTPS would give it a […]

How to successfully redirect URLs in htaccess

Typically, redirecting the domain to a different address is not a problem, especially if we have […]

How to optimize SEO with AI

Google recently presented its new artificial intelligence, Google Duplex. The artificial intelligence system (AI) can, for […]

Changes in August update of the Google algorithm

On August 1, another update of the Google algorithm came into effect, causing a lot of […]

AlphaGO. The great step for artificial intelligence?

The victory of the Deepmind artificial intelligence in the game of Go over the multiple champion Lee […]

Anchor Text in a nutshell

Linking is still one of the most important activities in the positioning process. You can’t skip […]

Tax on links and SEO – will new regulations harm positioning?

On June 20, 2018, a vote took place in the JURI committee of the European Parliament […]

What’s new and noteworthy in WordPress?

WordPress is growing at a very fast pace. Every year, it takes control of more and […]

What is Transfer Learning?

Learning Transfer is used to reuse the previously prepared model for a new problem. Currently, it […]

Big Data in the e-commerce

Online stores are constantly looking for ways to stop customers and improve the quality of customer […]

Using WordPress? Here are some marketing tips

If you have a website, there is a good chance that it is a WordPress site. […]

What’s new in Java 10!

Released March 20, 2018, Java 10, is the first upgrade in the six-month update cycle announced […]

WordPress implemented in 30% of websites. What makes it so popular?

Already 30% of websites operate on WordPress, according to data from W3Techs – company dealing with […]

Javascript and SEO

The relationship between JavaScript and SEO began a long time ago and since then has been […]
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