/ Security Commitment

Firecrux Security Commitment

In Firecrux, our team’s priority is data protection, with particular emphasis on protecting our clients’ data. We strive to use the highest measures to ensure security, privacy and data protection. Complying with a global requirements and regulations allows us to be a trusted partner. This is of great importance to us, because thanks to this we want to continue investing in the highest possible standards so you can use our technology in the most secure, efficient and compliant direction.

Priority of the security

We are taking steps to create strong security principles among all Firecrux employees. All Firecrux employees are familiar with the security policy and must undergo security training. All employees working in Firecrux must follow the rules regarding security and password locking, must have a secure Wi-Fi connection, or an alternative connection to the VPN network during remote work.

IT department employees use the best coding and programming practices by using instructions. They also receive regular information about the latest cybersecurity issues in our security channel.

Security Team

In Firecrux’s team there are the security engineers. This team is responsible for maintaining Firecrux’s protection and defense systems, reviewing operational security processes, building a security framework and creating new security policies. They also monitor all suspicious activities, respond to cyber security threats, and regularly conduct health checks and audits. We have assigned a Data Protection Officer (DPO) to manage our privacy protection program. DPO also monitors compliance with the GDPR and other data protection regulations, our protection principles, and training and audits.

Security support

All our end devices have disk encryption, malware protection, guest access disabled, firewall and regularly updated operating system. We also carry out regular checks to make sure that we maintain a high level of security.

We monitor internal traffic for suspicious behavior. Its part is network analysis and system logs research to identify unusual behaviors. Firecrux regularly scans for potential threats. Once a vulnerability that requires our attention is identified, it is tracked by our security team, which tracks such problems and regularly monitors them until they check that the problems have been resolved.
When an incident occurs which may affect the confidentiality, integrity or availability of our client’s resources or data, the security team identifies, reports and resolves them. Events that directly affect our customers are always assigned the highest priority and the shortest solution time. This process includes action plans, identification, escalation, mitigation and reporting procedures.

We always test all new features before implementing them to make sure that the application does not contain unexpected security vulnerabilities. The team guarantees that all new additions to our application will be free of bugs prior to release. They also test private instances for our fresh customers.

Data protection for our clients

We store data in Private Data Cloud, where there are several layers of encryption. We implement additional security checks depending on the requirements of our clients. The company uses Transport Layer Security (TLS), which is used to encrypt transmitted data to ensure transport security.

Our company’s artificial intelligence helps clients find the best ways to comply with the GDPR. The application works so that clients have full control over consent management and management of data subjects’ rights. And the data API allows clients to integrate their systems to enable fast data requests.

Our priority is to protect our clients’ data and resources. We will still continue to improve our security measures and keep abreast of the latest cybersecurity developments to ensure compliance.