FIRECRUX for Industry

Introduce self-optimizing and self-learning systems into the production process. Use the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to produce much faster and more efficiently.

Our Artificial Intelligence will:

  • optimize energy consumption at the factory
  • improve contaminants detection efficiency of x-ray systems
  • increase the speed of production lines
  • allow or increase factory automation

    Private data cloud for Industry 4.0 manufacturers.
    AI solutions and models based on your data.
    Unified workflow for production automation engineers.
    Horizontal and vertical systems and machines integration.


    X-Ray Object Detection

    Advanced machine learning algorithms and ultra-fast image processing methods of Firecrux AI Responsive Engine (AIRE) are able to detect contaminants, like: stainless steel, ceramics, glass, mineral stone, calcified bone, plastics and many other foreign objects with higher density than the scanned product, on X-ray images.

    Our engine is able to detect not only the fact of contamination, but also indicate its type, which with time, allows further development of AI classification models.

    Machines Self-Optimization

    Manufacturers are facing challenges like highly entangled and interconnected supply chains, shortening product lifecycles and growing product complexity. Therefore fast adaptation on all levels of product creation allows true value creation.

    Machines using the Firecrux engine gain a unique opportunity to improve themselves, in particular by increasing the efficiency of visual detection, production speed and autonomous exchange of this data with other similar machines in the factory.

    Quality Supervision

    Any image obtained using X-ray lamps, infrared or traditional cameras can be processed by Firecrux AIRE algorithms. For this reason so you can: analyze the quality of products, the number of elements included in the set, the presence or absence of contaminants on production lines and many other issues.

    This also applies to warehouse management, tracking the position of goods, vehicles or employees – paths drawing, arrival times or downtime counting.

    Production Analytics

    The implementation of the factory automation process and its further management requires an efficient data cloud that will enable data visualization and provide tools to control production processes.

    Firecrux Data Platform goes far beyond meeting these needs by providing a private, fast and secure data cloud, so that your know-how does not get into the hands of competitors.

    Firecrux helped us develop the innovative technology in the industry supporting our food production process. Not only did they understand the problem, but also proposed a solution using machine learning algorithms and successfully implemented it in our factory.
    We are extremely pleased with the cooperation.

    Jerzy Malek, CEO of Milarex inc. / Top 100 richest Poles by Forbes


    FIRECRUX has provided 61,1% increase of X-ray contaminants detection efficiency for MILAREX

    Client struggled with low efficiency of x-ray contaminants detection (such as metal, glass, ceramics) in food production. The detection method at that time was at 62% total efficiency and slowed down production speed.

    We analysed clients data and developed a new x-ray detection method based on machine learning algorithms that increased detection efficiency to 99.9%. In addition, the new detection method accelerated the manufacturer’s production lines from 1,2 m/s to 2 m/s. How profitable!

    Become Industry 4.0 manufacturer.


    Energy efficient

    Optimal energy consumption is the key to maintain profitable production. By introducing AI you will manage this process as best as possible and profit.

    Enhanced with AI

    Mechanical and automatic processes can be implemented more efficiently. Our experts will help find these places and implement efficient technological solutions.


    Stay on top of tangled and interconnected supply chains. Eliminate unnecessary downtime and join the Industry 4.0 technological revolution today.


    Plan and make decisions based on data. Your business generates countless amounts of data, so all you need to do is collect and use them properly.

    Learn how AIRE (AI Response Engine) will improve your profits:



    Connect everything in a unified way


    Enhance technology with artificial intelligence


    Know and react immediately


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