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Meet the Team

Tomek Andrzejewski

CEO / Business Analyst

Marcin Łućko

CTO / Senior Developer

Marcin Kowalczyk

COO / Senior Developer

Martin Tabakow, PhD

AI Research and Development Director

Wiktor Migaszewski

Business Development Director

Szymon Kocejko

Sales & Marketing Director

Katarzyna Andrzejewska

HR & Media Director

Jerzy Kwiatkowski

Europe Sales Director

Marta Florczak

Finance Director

Marcin Wolański

Head of Data Science

Piotr Chmiel

Head of Data Classification

Paulina Krajewska

Data Analyst

Piotr Polański

Head of Front-end Developers

Tomasz Kleszczewski

Head of Design


How we started?

Established in 2009 in Poland, our company, was the ecommerce agency and the software house focused on web, design, programming, marketing, data analysis and sales growth.

First, we were focused on web design and software creation such as websites, e-learning platforms, dedicated Java applications for the companies like IBM, Eurobank, Carlsberg, Netia, While our company became more recognized in the market, we started working on ambitious technological projects, advanced programming and big data analysis for e-commerce businesses.

Our team has experienced and passionate people which includes programmers. The well-chosen team makes us to take care of every aspect of the project – from the idea, through the creation and implementation of the strategy.

Company expansion

In 2018, we opened our company branch in Melbourne (10a Mitford Street, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia). Thanks to this, we can more effectively respond to the needs of customers, including design, software development and data analysis.

What is Firecrux and why did we build it?

With the development of the agency, we needed a tool that would actually increase sales in online applications and online stores. Following this lead, we tested many tools available on the market and deepened our knowledge about AI. Ultimately, we came to the conclusion that what we need is not on the market, and we have an idea how to do it right. 30 heavy and turbulent months later, the Firecrux AIRE engine was created around which the current version of the platform is still being developed.

Designed from the very beginnings, platform named is a unique personalization technology that includes advanced AI algorithms which are implemented in many different industries as well as in industrial production. By using the AI algorithms, real-time data tracking and thousands of tests per hour AI Response Engine (AIRE) can improve your system much faster and more efficiently by delivering qualitative data analysis regarding a business or usage problem from ecommerce, industry and business area.

By further development we have unified the omnichannel personalization workflow and response in real-time which led to many new features like: automated CRM, flawless marketing automation and communication system. The platform integrates with every technology while supplementing its drawbacks concurrently. In collaboration with our experts, it will detect what you can do better, fix it and step by step maximize your profits.