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Real-time sign language detection

Based on In this day and age where many companies are using video conferencing, it […]

FAQ – should I have a question page?

Search engines and people love frequently asked questions (FAQs). Having a well-written FAQ section on the […]

How do I renew my old text with new content?

Writing new texts all the time is complicated and takes a lot of our time. Instead, […]

Why is the footer so important in email?

E-mail footer design is often a reflection of brands. But don’t forget about this email item […]

Google and update the BERT algorithm, and match the story

Google has made numerous changes to auto-complete, news, fact-checking, knowledge panels, detection of the latest news, […]

Social media data searching techniques to help you grow your online business

Data mining on social media has become an essential strategy for understanding current trends, culture and […]

How to protect your E – commerce?

Protecting sensitive corporate information should be the top priority for any company, but it is particularly […]

Google indicators – Core Web Vitals

Google is introducing new rankings that link Core Web Vitals to existing user comfort metrics to […]

JAVA 13 and 14. What changes in the new versions?

The latest versions of Java adequately came in September 2019 (Java 13) and six months later […]

Conversational marketing. How to guide shoppers through a marketing path.

Conversational marketing is the fastest way to guide buyers through the marketing and sales path thanks […]

SEO friendly URLs

Google talks about the prominence of using simple, friendly URLs in the SEO beginner’s guide. URLs […]

An introduction to unbalanced classification. Examples, problems, challenges, and solutions

Unbalanced classification refers to classification tasks in which the number of examples in each class is […]

OFF-PAGE SEO. SEO actions off-page.

When it comes to SEO, there are two proposals that can be used to increase your […]

Planning an e-commerce after coronavirus. The future in the pandemic.

A pandemic quickly changes our behavior toward Internet channels, and changes are likely to remain after […]

Semantic Search in SEO. Algorithms in search engines

SEO professionals spend a lot of effort trying to convince Google of our site they to […]

Affiliate marketing. Marketing channels and strategies

Smart entrepreneurs running a successful business know that they can always do more to make that […]

How to optimize Google My Business

Every business owner with a website is looking for a way to get noticed in search […]

System Development Life Cycle

The system life cycle allows users to transform a newly developed project into an operational project. […]

Google Update – May 2020. Summary of updates in times of pandemic

In early May, Google made its second Core 2020 update in the midst of the coronavirus […]

WordPress Ecommerce

Retail sales are increasingly moving to the internet over the past 10 years, as can be […]
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