Customer Data Platform combines all of the customer data from any touchpoints or sources, creating holistic customer profile. CDP allows marketers / sales / ecommerce managers to easily work with data, gain an advantage and create an omni‑channel customer paths towards successful business. CDP combines the advantages of CRM (retention) and DMP (acquisition) and in addition is powering highly-personalized marketing campaigns in real-time enabling true user engagement possibilities.

    Understand the perspective and take action

    Firecrux collects not only customer data, purchase history, viewed ads and products, but also autonomously assesses potential engagement. Thanks to this, it supports the marketing automation processes you specify by using those actions that user is likely to respond to. CDP enables a modern way of working with data at all levels of customer engagement.

    It’s not about having data, but about using it. The real barrier is a data integration between many various marketing systems and the ability to visualize data in such a way as to provide an applicable insights. We needed an effective tool that would provide data and the ability to react immediately to user behavior and their changing needs.
    I’m glad we found Firecrux.

    Andy Novak, CEO & Founder of Eco Wood Inc.

    Key Firecrux CDP benefits

    Customer Data Integration

    Distributed data from multiple online and offline channels / sources are combined and unified to create a single customer view in real time at any scale and speed.

    Audience Data Modelling

    Audience modeling is an ongoing process. Use traditional segments or dynamic personas mined with Firecrux AIRE (AI Response Engine) to improve user experience.

    Real-time personalization

    Personalization stemming from audience segmentation and on-site behavioral targeting supports the Firecrux customer qualitative data platform.

    Smart Automation

    Automating any processes of customers and devices according to abstracts and elastic conditions that can be executed through unified workflow builder.

    Online & Offline Connection

    Connect your business at all levels. Create paths not only for your clients, but also for employees, partners and subcontractors. Your business will get a real boost!

    CR & UX Optimization

    Transform the appearance of your pages. Create different designs and determine best variations of users paths with personalized modifications and keep a loyal customers.

    Product Recommendations

    Firecrux is a collection of many modern technologies, both a super-fast database and a AI response engine, actively reacting with ready-made solutions to defined perspectives.

    Data Point for 3rd Parties

    Your data stored in CDP can be easily accessed by partners and third-party applications focused on adtech and campaign delivery. You are in charge!

    What really is CDP?

    The Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a software system which presents a unified, enduring and updated view of a single customer based on data from many sources. Thanks to such focused data, their flow becomes possible later used for marketing campaigns and business needs management for various marketing purposes.
    CDPs are becoming more and more popular. This disposed companies to develop additional features to engage customers and manage data as part of a unified platform.

    Customer Data Platform

    CDP combines all of the customer data, creating unified customer profiles. This allows the marketer to easily work with it. This data is retrieved from many sources, cleaned and combined to create one customer profile. Data arranged in this way is shared with other marketing systems.

    First steps

    Currently, companies are flooded with large amounts of data. These are demographic, transactional, campaign and related data related to the amount of behavioral data. These data are stored in technological and organizational silos. This makes it difficult for companies to ensure consistency of customer activity in various consumer channels and devices.

    Data collection

    One of the main advantages of CDP is the ability to collect data from various sources, both online and offline. It can also convert divergent data into standard form. These data may include:

    • Customer activity data. This activity is related to viewing the activity on a website or application, or clicking the banner.
    • Transaction data. Data related to purchases, returns or data from the POS terminal.
    • Data related to customer properties. These include age, gender, date of birth, date of first purchase.
    • Campaign evaluation data. So impressions, clicks, reach, engagement.

    Customer view

    CDPs are designed to collect data to be unified. As a result, we obtain a comprehensive client image for various devices and channels, which we then share with other systems. This category allows you to look at the customer from a different angle.

    Access to the data

    Marketing and customer service depend on the availability of data enabling the development of the company. CDP can share data with any system which accepts it. Data can be shared via an API that directly extracts data from CDP. Data can also be shared by exporting files.

    One-view customer base

    CDP creates its own database. Combines all customer-related data to provide a single customer view. The platform stores customer identifiers, such as: names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, account numbers.

    Real-time Capability

    Firecrux is a platform built from bases. Created tools in the platform mean the ability to immediately visualize data and act on them. A positive aspect of CDP in real time is the ability to constantly refresh data, thanks to which customer profiles are updated. This helps retain customers, promote existing customers and build greater loyalty.


    Most companies have problems with organizing data. Data is muted between communication channels, systems and organizational functions. CDPs eliminate silos. CDP uses all available data. Most companies do not have centralized data. CDP can change this and centralize your data.

    Quality improvement thanks to CDP personalization

    The most effective way to build customer loyalty is to provide them with high-quality personalized experience. CDP enables these experiences to be delivered on a very large scale.

    By solving the data silencing problem, CDP enables building strategies to increase loyalty. Thanks to this, the collected data enables personalization on a large scale.

    Muted data does not allow to create a consistent customer experience. Without this, you cannot provide the multi-channel experience which customers expect regardless of the customer’s movement through a given communication channel.

    The choice of a Customer Data Platform partner results from the unique context, use cases and desired results. Our Customer Data Platform gives you the power to know your customers and reach them more effectively.

    Just a little history of data platforms

    The beginnings of handwritten notes and mainframes are currently far away. Today we are concerned with solutions based on the cloud. We’re always looking for the best tools. And computing power gained more momentum. Its progress meant that we practically use tools.

    The concept of customer relationship management began in the early 1970s. This trend has brought to the creation of the first software which is CRM.

    The CRM system or Customer Relationship Management was introduced in the early 90s. It allows to manage the interaction of the company with current and potential customers. It uses the analysis of customer history data in the company to improve business relationships with customers, focusing mainly on customer retention and increasing sales.

    Soon online transactions became a large part of many industries. This was possible thanks to online data management systems. These systems can quickly analyze information and allow programs to read, update and send information to the user. At the beginning of the 21st century, its development was initiated by the Data Management Platform (DMP). It reduced internal maintenance costs and increased flexibility in changing the company’s needs. In this era, DMPs have gained in importance because the unbelievable amount of user data in the world can be processed and presented to companies for marketing purposes.

    Customer Data Platform (CDP) was first used in 2013. Presents marketing software which creates an abiding, uniform customer database accessible to other systems. The platform has seen rapid development because marketers have seen defects in a solution such as DMP, and what opportunities CDP can offer.

    Learn how AIRE (AI Response Engine) will improve your profits:



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