/ Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement

Firecrux works in a user-friendly way and makes the website is accessible to the largest possible number of users, meeting applicable standards. WCAG 2.0, or “Web Accessibility Guidelines”, are the collected guidelines that relate to how to create and develop websites. Compliance with the guidelines published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) allows us to ensure access to web content for the widest possible audience, including people with disabilities.

The rules that build WCAG 2.0 are:

  1. Reliability – the content should be published in a solid way. That is understandable and coreectly interpreted by the software, and should also interact with other technologies that support the use of the Onternet for example: reader – created for the visually impaired.
  2. Functionality – created functionality should be possible be used and exploited
  3. Percebility – the elements on the page must be presented to users in a way that is understandable to their senses.
  4. Understandability – using the interface, buttons and other information must be understandable to the user.

Compliance with WCAG 2.0 guidelines and principles will allow us to increase the accessibility of internet content for people with disabilities. To meet this task, we work with an independent agency that verifies the website and periodically assesses our activities. We care about quality and we make every effort to increase the availability of Internet content for people with disabilities, therefore compliance with WCAG 2.0 standards is our priority. The Firecrux team strives for providing all the information you need when visiting our website.

For example:

  • Transcripts for podcasts, thanks to which we enable people with hearing- or hearing-impaired speakers to use the content.
  • Alternative text for images to allow screen reader users and visually impaired people to identify and make sense of useful images.
  • Form labels and controls that are associated with the relevant prompt
  • Content that can be increased with the help of a standard browser control. The CAPTCHA elements provide a replaceable way of using this information.


To change the color contrast on your entire computer:

  • For Windows – based computers, click “Start”, then “Control Panel”. Select the “Accessibility Options” icon, select the “Display” tab and select the “Use High Contrast” check box. Select the “Settings” button to browse different color contrast options.
  • For Apple Macs – select “System Preferences”, then “Universal Access”. Select the “Seeing” tab and adjust the “Display” section.


To change the color contrast of websites on your browser:

  • In the Internet Explorer, click “Tools”, then select “Internet options.” From within the “General” tab, click the “Colors” button. Deselect the “Use Windows colors” checkbox and change the color by selecting the color probe. Then, select “Accessibility” within the “Internet options” window and select “Ignore colors specified on web pages.”
  • In Firefox, click “Tools”, then select “Options.” From the “Colors” tab, click the “Colors” button. Select the appropriate colors from the color probe and un-tick the checkbox labeled “Allow pages to choose their own colors, instead of my selections above” and click OK.


To change the size of the text:

On most browsers, try holding down the Ctrl key and scrolling the mouse wheel (if you have one), or hold down the Ctrl key and at the same time, push the – or + key.

  • In Firefox and Internet Explorer, click the “View” menu, then select “Zoom” and then choose the whether you would like to increase the size (zoom in) or decrease the size (zoom out).
  • In Google Chrome, click the customize button (spanner icon), then select the plus or minus buttons to zoom.