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Optimize all business processes from accounting and HR, to contracts and customer relationship management. Connect online with offline and grow with ease.

Let’s grow your business. Together.

  • multichannel CRM with AI targeting
  • customer support & help desk platform
  • contracts, accounting and automated invoicing
  • warehouse management system
  • business processes automation builder

    Fast and reliable private cloud for data‑sensitive industries
    Out-of-the-box artificial and business intelligence
    Unified business processes automation builder
    One system for your entire business across all channels


    Take a Holistic Approach to Business Management

    Break down silos between departments and boost performance across your organization. Build customer service processes from start to finish. Combine things that until now have remained impossible to pair. Make marketing campaigns based on accounting data, manage the production with regard to sales margins. Make the most of it and generate profits from your data.

    Supercharge Sales and Get a Complete View of Your Customers

    With lots of ways to communicate with customers, there are lots of ways to make a deal. Firecrux gives you the opportunity to sell products or services faster and more effectively across all channels.

    Create Processes, Execute Them Quickly and Efficiently

    Get an advantage by integrating where there is a real need and create a business in which control and flexibility are not mutually exclusive, but create the harmony necessary to maintain a stable and dynamically developing organization.

    Create Custom Reports and Dashboards from any Data Sets

    Keep track of the progress made by your company in any way you prefer. Make smarter business decisions by analysing top channels, trends, medium and other key metrics. Plan and react in real-time and grow with ease.

    Firecrux helped us develop the innovative technology in the industry supporting our food production process. Not only did they understand the problem, but also proposed a solution using machine learning algorithms and successfully implemented it in our factory.
    We are extremely pleased with the cooperation.

    Jerzy Malek, CEO of Milarex inc. / Top 100 richest Poles by Forbes


    FIRECRUX has delivered 38,8% increase of CR (conversion rate) for

    The shift in traffic from desktop to mobile channel, observed by the Client, was not synonymous with the increase in sales on mobile devices. This was largely influenced by users habits to search on the phone, but to buy on the desktop.

    In order to influence users despite its habits, a series of personalizations and UX optimization were prepared. Best combination chosen by Firecrux AI Response Engine (AIRE) provided a 38.8% increase in sales on mobile devices compared to the previous time period.

    Why switch to Firecrux?


    Integrated around you

    Firecrux does not require you to get rid of the current IT architecture and replace the whole. Instead, it completes deficiencies in structure and connects even your own applications to each other.

    Enhanced with AI

    The more companies learn the actual possibilities of machine learning, the more clear it becomes that this is not a buzz word, but a necessary thing to continue competing in an increasingly advanced market. Take advantage of these possibilities!

    Effective and scalable

    The need for new features and new integrations must go hand in hand with efficiency. Firecrux’s architecture has evolved many times until we found the perfect, scalable environment capable of processing the data of even the largest players.

    Data-driven business

    Utilize data to enhance processes, add precision to decision making and develop effective revenue models. To achieve this, your data must be based on a consistent definition, and your applications must constantly exchange them.

    Learn how AIRE (AI Response Engine) will improve your profits:



    Connect everything in a unified way


    Enhance technology with artificial intelligence


    Know and react immediately


    Bring true online experience to customers

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