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What are the advantages of ensemble methods in machine learning?

Ensemble methods are predictive models that combine predictions from two or more other models. Team learning […]

Why is the footer so important in email?

E-mail footer design is often a reflection of brands. But don’t forget about this email item […]

Social media data searching techniques to help you grow your online business

Data mining on social media has become an essential strategy for understanding current trends, culture and […]

What is network marketing?

Network marketing is gaining in importance, although it seems that its best years have already passed. […]

JAVA 13 and 14. What changes in the new versions?

The latest versions of Java adequately came in September 2019 (Java 13) and six months later […]

Conversational marketing. How to guide shoppers through a marketing path.

Conversational marketing is the fastest way to guide buyers through the marketing and sales path thanks […]

Statistics and Data Science

We all make small or big decisions every day. We spend a considerable amount of time […]

Adversarial Machine Learning – introduction

Advesarial Machine Learning (AML) examples are inputs to machine learning models which an attacker intentionally designed […]

Author’s reputation on Google

Google occupied with the authorship and gave content creators the opportunity to indicate that they posted […]

Machine Learning and Deep Learning – Trends in 2020

Machine learning is a growing area of ​​research and investment. Machine learning is a slogan which […]

Big Data, Data Science and data analysis

Data is all around us. In fact, the amount of existing digital data is growing rapidly, […]

BERT – new Google algorithm update

The latest update to the Google BERT algorithm, or Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, is presented […]

Artificial Intelligence in e-commerce

Artificial intelligence is a concept known all over the world. In fact, it already has an […]

Why do I need this big data?

For several years now, the use of big data technology has been a thing. Analysts convince […]

What is the value of personalized recommendations?

The development of E-commerce has created more competition in the online environment. E-sellers looking all the […]

Practical tips on how to improve your Lead Nurturing strategy

Not every visitor to an online store or service website is ready to take a transaction. […]

Behavioral Email Marketing. Why user behavior are so important?

Behavioral Email Marketing An interesting trend in the field of digital technology is the ability to […]
man and woman shaking hands

8 tips on how to improve lead generation

Sometimes finding new ways to efficiently generate leads can be frustrating. It happens often when we […]
how to write better cold e-mails

How to write cold e-mails that get opened

Cold e-mails are probably the most underappreciated and disliked thing in the process of lead generation. […]

What are the benefits of personalized campaigns

Personalized marketing is quickly becoming one of the most powerful trends in the online world. Thanks […]
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