/ Partner Program

Let’s become partners

Bigger company development and more unlimited possibilities to expand marketing services.

For whom?

Firecrux platform partner program is dedicated to consulting companies, the marketing agencies, software resellers, technology integration partners. We are open to work with other businesses who would like to provide technical support, grow the customer base and increase customers’ engagement by offering the deep expertise on Firecrux’s product.

Deep product training

You can be an expert and get exclusive access to high-quality educational materials tailored to your needs. Thanks to our materials, expand your knowledge and thereat increase the effectiveness of your commands. With our products you stay on top of your end-customer billing and business needs.

Priority sales and technical support

You get the full access to sell Firecrux’s products through other channels distribution or encourage purchase through social networking sites or forum.

Dedicated Account Manager

Receive a professional help from a dedicated Firecrux Account Manager. The panel will allow you to fully understand Firecrux’s solutions strengths and let you increase your customers satisfaction. Whenever you need advice on Firecrux solutions, we’ll be there to help you.

Commission on the sale

The salary is awarded as a form of a commission for each product sold by the Firecrux partner’s and for the purchase made by the customer on the Firecrux’s website. Partners gain the opportunity to promote high-quality products in many categories on their sales pages and other media. You will receive 5% to 10% commission on every sale. And from referred partners you have the opportunity to gain up to 10% on all sales of a recommended person.

Partner with Firecrux

If you choose our partner program, you will have a significant impact on increasing your company’s income, which will contribute to strengthening your brand’s image on the market.

To be our partner means that you can become an expert in data artificial intelligence technologies. You increase your customer base while increasing customer conversions. Enjoy a competitive advantage by participating in the new technology. Logo of your business will be among the listed Firecrux partners in order to the customers be able to easily find you. You can get only more by offering personalized technological solutions thanks to the help of specialists and experts.