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Data Protection Officer

We are dedicated to meeting any requirements and regulations when it comes to data protection, privacy, security and operations. For this reason, we intensively invest in the security of our systems and operate in accordance with ethics and our own privacy policy, as we believe the ultimate customer experience relies heavily on integrity and transparency.

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    Fix any errors

    The company is obliged to maintain confidentiality, privacy of data and security of their clients. We comply with the processor regulations and offer data controllers assistance in compliance. Our data protection officer manages our privacy protection program and responds to questions that our potential clients, clients and partners may have about compliance with GDPR. In the event that an error occurs, Firecrux allows its customers to fix any errors or misuse by entering new CRM data.


    Contact our DPO

    However, if we have harmed in any way, you have the right to contact our Data Protection Officer to clarify the security of your data. Undermentioned form must provide information that includes the name, email address of the company, phone number and industry of the company.